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What Are The Top Reasons For Canada Visa Refusal ?

Many people want their Canadian visa application to be approved with a smooth process, it’s important to understand the simple reasons behind visa rejections in Canada. Here are the most common rason

  • Proof of Funds: You need to show you have enough funds for your travel and stay in Canada, the amount varies based on the number of people accompanying you and the length of your stay.
  • Funds Source: Canadian government checks to see how you accumulated the funds presented
  • Lack of employment prospects in your home country:  
  • Travel History: Depending on your nationality, if a person has not traveled anywhere outside of their home country before, chances are their application will be weaker, compared to others who have traveled before. 
  • Unappropriate program selection
  • Low IELTS Score
  • Credibility of the Institute selected in Canada
  • Documents that do not appear authentic: If your document seems not to be authentic, you will not only be refused but may also have trouble reapplying, due to lack of credibility.

Mistake OR Misrepresentation?

Misrepresentation is an intentional changing of facts or information to another person. Misrepresentation can be done by lying, providing the wrong information or intentionally providing false documents. 

Misrepresentation includes many activities such as:

  • Providing incorrect or false information while interacting with the IRCC/CBSA officer or on an immigration application
  • Deliberately holding back information which can make you inadmissible to Canada (includes information which has not been asked directly)
  • Altered or false travel documents including passports
  • Intentionally altered or false visas
  • Altered or false educational documents including diplomas, degrees, transcripts, credential evaluations, apprenticeship documents
  • False documents or certifications of birth, marriage, separation, divorce or death

Difference Between Mistake And Misrepresentation?

A mistake can happen if any minor incorrect information is present on your application. If any supporting documents are required but not provided, it is considered insufficient evidence and not a case of misrepresentation.

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